“The Source God’s plan for successful Spirit-Filled Living,” written by Bobby Williams is celebrated as an inspiration and encouragement to its readers and includes concrete steps on how to overcome your fears and start trusting God completely.  With inspiring stories and practical tools to help you strengthen your faith and overcome life’s trials, The Source is sure to inspire you with its real- life story of how Bobby Williams was visited by the Source, empowering him to live the abundant life God promised.   Move forward in your Faith and be empowered with God’s favor and blessing!


This weekly devotional book was written to inspire and challenge you to take your relationship with God to the next level! Increase your Faith in God, strengthen your self-confidence, gain more Peace, Joy, Love, Courage, Forgiveness, and more Hope for a better tomorrow. Written by inspirational minister Bobby Williams, each weekly devotion is filled with Biblical Inspiration, encouragement, and a deeper understanding of God’s Word!



Get the Source, God’s plan for successful spirit-filled living, & 52 Weeks of Inspiration for your daily walk with Christ for one low price for a limited time!


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