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The Purpose of Spirit Of A Champion Inc

  1. To strengthen the lives of Christians in their daily walk with Jesus Christ.
  2. Empowering each Christian to live out the abundant life Jesus Christ spoke about when he said, “I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly”
  3. To challenge Christians to become true Champions of Christ
  4. To encourage people through the love of Christ and through positive Christian inspiration
  5. To share God’s love with those who are lost and have not accepted Christ as their personal savior, repented, and followed God’s direction in their lives.

We are a Non-Profit Organization

Join us to encourage and inspire the daily walk of Christians here in America and around the world through God’s infallible Word. We are committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His love! Spirit of a Champion Inc. is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization, which means all donations are tax deductible. Our passion is to challenge Christians to become true Champions of Christ and to encourage people through positive Christian inspiration. Please join us to spread hope to the world!

My Story

From Fear to Faith”    In 1993 my father passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. I loved him very much! He was my boss as President of Bob Williams Automotive. He was a great leader, husband, father, grandfather, brother, and businessman. At the time, I was 33 years old and running our family’s dealership in Nashville, Bob Williams Lincoln Mercury. My brothers Doug and Greg ran Bob Williams Ford with my brother in-law Randy Nash. My Mother and sister Debbie Nash helped us as well at both stores. I was a dedicated Christian, deacon, and Sunday schoolteacher, but for the first time Fear took over my life.


To make matters worse my brother was sick during this time as well and had to leave the business for an extended time. For the first time, FEAR was running my life. Fear is ‘False Evidence appearing Real’ and I was believing this false evidence.  My mind was filled with worry and doubt. What if I couldn’t run our family business. What if I couldn’t do it without my dad. God, I need your help was my prayer.  We needed to continue to be profitable for our 165 employees and for thousands of faithful customers. I was having panic attacks, anxiety, and could hardly sleep at night. I was worrying all the time. I had to be rushed to the ER for these attacks and they were getting worse.  I was so fearful! I had no peace! In 1994 I was totally transformed from Fear to Faith, when praying in my prayer closet. The Holy Spirit showered me with His presence, peace, and strength. I went from Fear to Faith in one night.  Fear was gone, and replaced with trust in God!  Through Bible study and prayer with my Brother in-law Minister, Mike Escue and our incredible Bob Williams Team, God gave us 7 unbelievable years of profit, success, National awards, and strength through this trial in my life. From this God experience, I have a burning desire to encourage others to grow in their Christian walk or to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ if they have never done so.  I am committed to sharing God’s love with the world. After 25 years my family decided to sell our dealerships, so in the year 2000, I opened A3 Marketing, dedicating it to the Lord and starting from just a dream, God has positioned us in Nashville, as one of the premier advertising companies to help grow some of the most prestigious companies and strengthen their brands. We are dedicated to encouraging others through A3 Marketing and through “Spirit of a Champion Inc, Ministries” our non-profit 501C3 in the marketplace.


Producing our first “Encouraging Moment with Bobby Williams” a couple of years ago with Jeff Hockman, Pastor Steve Galiher, Mike Green and the blessings of my wife Donna. God’s provincial hand moved to place these on the TCT Network and on NRBTV. NOW SEEN IN OVER 100 MILLION HOMES ACROSS AMERICA! My prayer for Encouraging Moments, is that you will find Daily Christian encouragement and Inspiration for your LIFE! John10:10. (NKJV) ‘Jesus said, I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly!’ I love you in the Lord!